The kiln Terrecotte Poggi Ugo is a benchmark of excellence in production of the famous terracotta of Impruneta, registered in the “Artistic and traditional works” and founding member of the Historical and Artistic kilns of Impruneta. The production is handmade using traditional techniques, products offer a wide range of old styles, fine art, characteristic styles of the ‘900 and contemporary models. Respecting the old traditions the owners Antonella and Lorenzo Andrei, Poggi Ugo’s nephews, determined to look ahead and anticipate the lines and shapes that best represent the taste of tomorrow. The desire to improve led a collaboration with designers, architects, artists, sculptors to bring closer more and more arts and crafts.

The company is structured to meet individual productions up to hundred of pieces per item. We organize expeditions around the world and most of Europe Transport costs are calculated in real time. We try to maintain even a store provides for immediate sale. We are also able to achieve reproductions or articles on project.
All terracotta is freeze resistant over a -30°C and brackish water for extended period.
The quest for perfection in all the work mean that Terrecotte Poggi Ugo are considered as a reference point and example and one of the best manufacturers of terracotta in the world.