Gifting a terracotta product is a precious gesture 

Choosing to give a gift of terracotta from Impruneta means giving something precious, something designed and crafted exclusively by hand respecting a centuries-old tradition.

Even the smallest element that makes up the Poggi Ugo collection requires time and dedication, patience and creativity; only with these ingredients will it be possible to achieve a result that will stand the test of time.

Each piece is unique and will add character and value to any room, with elegance and sophistication.

In this period it will also be nice to revisit objects, having fun reinventing their use. Some complements from the Poggi Ugo collection can become real decorations.

Now all that remains is to choose the right style:

those who love contemporary shapes will certainly be impressed by the purity of the bulb with its soft, sinuous lines.

The Conino s also a great idea for those who like simple, clean shapes and can be used not only as a plant pot, but also as an original ornamental holder.

If you have more classic tastes, the miniature of the traditional Orlini vase will be your perfect gift. 

Another example of meticulous perfection is the small cone.

Many of the terracotta creations by Poggi Ugo are available in two colour options: the classic terracotta or the GrigioLava version, characterised by a dark grey shade. 

And now all that remains is to choose!