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Cheope Table

It is one of the most beautiful "living room" objects of the "Land" collection by Valentina Guidi Ottobri, the coffee table that stands out for its being for its colors, for the crystals changed from green to blue, for its stable balance and the lightness of the original design. Unusual the use of natural terracotta for an interior furnishing object that can and must also be a flowerpot, in this case sterlizie flower that combine well for their warm color but for their tropical origin. Exotic also in the name naturally due to the pyramid, the Cheope coffee table is composed of seven pieces that are simple to assemble. Designed by the Spanish studio Masquespacio for the 100 years of Poggi Ugo crockery. They are part of the collection called "Land", or rather return to the origins, to the land, created by Valentina Guidi Ottobri for the 100th anniversary of the Terrecotte Poggi Ugo.
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100% Handmade & Made in Italy

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